Friday, January 27, 2012

To float or not to float

OK  Mike,  I re-read your post about the floater selvage.  But here is what I found.  You can see I was not catching the outside warp on the first few rounds.  so I just did tabby weave for a 3 rows and got my weft started over to the right for my twill sequence.(same as yours) and then each row was catching my last warp just fine.    But I think I do like the idea of 2 floater warps as on a big project it would give you a nice edge.  But somehow starting it out from the left was leaving the edge not caught up.  Interesting.  Would love to hear your take on this. How did you get the zig zag of the twill?    I am trying to do the hem stitch on this but my plastic needle is much to large,  will be putting that on my list for Monday when I go to the big city and do some shopping. 

As for my quilting project.  My sister gave me some pointers and I have started quilting on my Pansy runner.  Got quilt needles on my list too as I am using embroidery needle that is a little large and the one she gave me is only about 1 inch long and I can barely see the eye! I guess they do make quilting needles just a little longer.  And she told me this morning that I should find a square of canning wax and if I am not using quilting thread, I should run the thread along the wax, then cut it and it will be easier the thread.  So glad to have people to teach me these little things.

Thought for the day: If you don't have a sense of humor, you probably don't have any sense at all.

Have a good weekend all!!

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  1. Hi DC,
    I'm in the middle of threading my table loom again, but this time, I'm only warping it to weave a sampler......for some twills that are threaded the same, but treadled differently. I will, of course, keep this sampler documented with photos. :) I'm adding floating selvages again, so we'll see how well it works this time. I'll only have 1 floating warp thread this time because of how I figured the warp width. 1 may not work well......
    I used to start all my weaving from the left, but when I took the double weave class from Juanita, she said I should start on the right. I've no idea why, but it has worked for me so I now start from the right. Perhaps you could ask your weaving instructor and see what he has to say?
    The zig zag was gotten by reversing the treadling sequence. On mine, which I later found out wasn't necessary, I repeated the last pick of the sequence, which became pick 1 of the new sequence. [ (1,2), (2,3), (3,4), (1,4), (1,4), (3,4), (2,3), (1,2) ] I didn't have to worry about it undoing my last pick because the pick was caught on the floating warp threads. Because the pick was doubled, it showed a little more of the white warp in that area, so that became a design "feature". ;) I later learned that I could have just started backwards after the last pick.....probably getting a sharper point at the reversal place.That sequence was only when I was changing the direction of the angled pattern. When I weave with the floating selvage, I begin my pick by going on top of the floating selvage thread, then come out underneath the floating thread on the opposite end. This is repeated each pick....over on the beginning, under at the end.