Friday, December 21, 2012

Hubby got his keys back

I love this cartoon picture.  Sooooooooooo darn true.  Sorry guys!  Along that line,  hubby did get his keys back and is getting back to doing what ever he wants.  Still having trouble sleeping more than a couple hours at a time as he gets this crawly feeling in the knee and it drives him crazy, till he puts an ice bag on it, then it calms down and he can go back to sleep.  Dr and PT says it will go away and his other knee did the same thing.  He was out at 6 this morning at 21 degrees to buy doughnuts for a couple business's that I got to deliver to this morning.  He loves to do that and rarely eats one himself.

Got all the taxes paid up and business license renewed so guess I am good for another year.  Obviously the world didn't come to an end today, well at least not yet.  I have found it interesting that we made such a big ta do about it.  We do let our imagination run away with us and an whole industry was created to investigate and report and dig up wacky folks that believed it.  The History channel has been loaded with all the Armageddon stuff lately.  Interesting at least.

Thought for the day:  I smile because I don't know what the hell is going on!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

My prairie dress

I was going thru my old posts yesterday and realized that I had talked about the Prairie State Park weaving demonstration I did in Sept.  So I decided better late than never and here is a picture of me in my finery with my little table top loom.  It was a fun day and beautiful.  Weather was perfect and the prairie was wonderful.  I may have just been invited to do another demonstration in Branson one day soon.  My reputation is growing.   "Big Head"  Either that or people are just desperate for entertainment.  Either way I do enjoy it so what the heck.  If you will note in the picture that my pantaloons are below my dress line.  LOL  I made them separately and tried them on separately but not together till the day of the demonstration.   No one noticed.

Friday, December 7, 2012

December newspaper article

December column
I have to apologize for my strange store hours for the month of November. Hubby had knee surgery and I have been the designated driver for all the appointments and numerous other errands for our household. I am glad that he is doing very well and will be taking back the his car keys.

I have finished with the last craft show for this year, Carver Elementary School Craft show was awesome! I am back to my usual store hours of Wed. 12 to 4, Thurs. and Fri. 10 to 4 and Sat. 10 to 3. Not sure if I will continue my Wed. morning weaving class next semester. It may depend on my getting the project finished that I have started and right now that is not looking like it will happen.

Just a reminder, I have gift certificates available for those on your Christmas list that love to read. I also have rugs that I wove on my floor loom available for sale, along with assorted other craft items. Buy recycled and American made!

The Giver
by Lois Lowry

I have looked at this book several times and had it on my “to read” stack for some time. I finally read it and truly enjoyed it. This book is for anyone 10 and above and can come in a box set with 2 other books that follow the same line. I will be reading those soon. It is a small book and easy to read and follow. The setting is in the future where the world has no poverty, no crime, no sickness, and no unemployment. Sounds wonderful doesn't it? Think again as it also offers no choices. 12 year old Jonas is chosen to become the Giver, which is an honor only bestowed every generation or so. As Jonas begins to receive the “memories” of what life before was like going back and back and back, he begins to feel things and see light and color, and experience pain for the first time. Will he decide that he cannot pay the price to become the “Giver”? There is no turning back or is there? This is an unforgettable book that will stay with you for a long time and may make you even wonder where our own society is headed.
A Summer Affair
Elin Hilderbrand

I read and reported on another of Hilderbrand's books a couple months ago. I am not sure I enjoyed this one as much as the previous one but it was still a good read. It is about a woman who is professional glassblower with a husband and 4 children. She is chosen to co-chair a summer gala in her town of Nantucket. Things get out of hand when she is attracted to the man who runs the charity that the gala is funding. It has a lot of complicated twists and turns but basically focuses on Claire the perfectionist trying to juggle way to much and finding herself lost in it all. Of course in the end she makes her choices and all the conflicts will keep you reading to the end.

I will continue to have Nora Roberts as the feature author and will offer $1 off each book through December.

I want to wish every one a very Merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year! Thank you for helping to keep my little book store going.