Thursday, January 19, 2012

Yea, I am a college girl again. (Well sorta)

To start with, this is my 40 in. by 26 in. rug from my Pendleton wool selvage, that I just finished last week.  I think I will do my first "wet" finish as Mr. Mike did with his and see how it goes.  If he did it then I figure I can too.

OK I had my first class at the college at the weaving class.  Seems it is about 6 to 8 women who just keep coming back to the class each semester and just pick up with their project that they had on "their" loom from the last semester.  Anyway the instructor is Gary and he started me off with winding warp on a warping board for 36 inch strands, and warping front to back!  I was anxious to learn this as I just have not had the "hands on" for this yet as I use a tall rack for my spools, and I have to have 24 spools to warp the loom.  Here is a picture of my rack.  I have been planning on making a more compact one that lets the spools all set on a more even level.  Still with me?
As you can see this is quite cumbersome.  Now I am thinking I want to make a warping board instead and wrap individual sections from it.  We will see.  I do like to load my warp so I can do several rugs at a time so warping directly from the spool rack is good for that. I know I have alot of wasted warp too.

LOL, I guess as I get a little more refined on my weaving I will want to do projects that warping smaller amounts will make the warping board more practical.  So guess I need both.

The other thing I learned after I warped a little table top loom and put a header on, was to do the hem stitch!  That was my highlight of the day as I was wanting to learn that technique and there is nothing like Hands On!  Show me, then get out of my way!

I told Gary that I would like to do a tapestry wall hanging of an Native Am. Indian design.  I want to learn how to do a design.  I already know how to do tabby weave, as that is all I do.  So we will see what he comes up with and maybe next week I will be using that warping board again to warp a big loom.  Probably take me a couple classes just to get things set up.

So there you have it for now.  Now if I can just keep the weaving and quilting stuff I am learning separated!

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  1. If you need a "refresher" for the hem stitch, there are several I learned from on You Tube.
    I hope that you like the wet finishing of your selvage rug. I can't get over how soft and cushy mine were after they came out of the dryer.
    Maybe some day I'll have a loom with a sectional warp beam and then I'd need to take a workshop on how to warp one, too.
    The more involved I get with my weaving, the more I learn. I'm hoping to get beyond tabby/plain weave, too, and do something more than a few picks of twill. ;)