Friday, January 20, 2012

So many things to do and so little time. How did I find time to work??

More little mug rugs I did yesterday.  Granny's night gown recycled!  These are so much fun to make, not sure what to charge for a set of 4.  Or should it be set of 6?  Or just individual?  Going to make some out of green and white stripped soft knit today.  Decided no weaving at home Sun, Mon, Tue.  Going to focus on my quilting and get my pansy wall hanging done.  Also I bought a long pair of light weight denim curtains at the thrift store when I stopped to check out their books and for 10$ They look like new.  I have enough to make a great denim quilt that I have been wanting to start.  You sandwich a fabric in the middle of 2 pieces of denim.  Stitching is on the outside and you clip the seams when done and fray them out.  I made a sample one with red checked gingham for the center of the sandwich, and it looks great.  I think I might be OCD!!  Help!

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  1. Remember to save time on your little mug rugs, you could just hem stitch them and the fringe wouldn't need to be knitted.
    I sent you an email with some links to check out for your mug rugs.