Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Rag Time

A friend of my daughter's sent a stack of "big" jeans that her hubby didn't need for me to use in my rug making.  They were nice and clean and very little wear, so I was happy to get them.  Hubby helped me rip them up this last weekend and I ended up with this nice stack to add to my denim stash. 
I have set my baby loom up now to make mug rugs to sell in my store.  (This first pair is for Lori. Thanks for the jeans!) They are fun to make and I have some ideas to make denim ones and some out of soft knit fabric I have cut to narrow to use on the big loom.                          
This is a rag rug I keep weaving just to get all the cream colored warp used up so I could get that dark warp put on the loom.  It ended up being almost 6 foot long.  Maybe someone will like all the purple and pinks for a bedroom.  It is about the longest one I have made so far.
Also on my days at home, I got the big loom warped with  my black, gray, & tan warp and of course       had to stay up last nite and weave a few inches of some of my Pendleton wool just to see how it would look.  Thats just the way I am ;)

Thought for the day:  3 rules of work
1. Out of clutter, find simplicity
2. From discord, find harmony.
                        3. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity...
Albert Einstein

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  1. Yea! Starting a larger Pendleton selvage rug!

    The mug rugs look really nice. I wonder if "hem stitching" them while on the loom would work instead of having to tie all of those knots? I'm told that hem stitching locks everything in and no more needs to be done after cutting pieces off the loom. I suppose the hem stitching could be reinforced by zipping a zig zag stitch on a machine, too, to be doubly sure it is secure.

    Do you sew the ends of the cloth strips together as you finish one and begin another, or do you taper them so that they lie next to each other smoothly?

    I like your long rug runner, too. The pattern really came out nicely.