Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Books, books, books

During Christmas week, while I was weaving, I kept hearing an advertisement about a big book sale down near my daughter's home.  So I went down yesterday to visit with her and we headed out and after 2 phone calls to the "store" we found it in a warehouse district.  Seems it is one of those warehouse businesses that sell on the Internet.  They must have had at least 50,000 books or maybe double that.  They were trying to get rid of excess so have this big book sale going on.  They took us back into the warehouse and showed us which "walls" of books we could choose from, plus a half dozen huge boxes (like you see pumpkins in at the store".  All were 25 cents each.  Wow, talk about a pig in a mud hole!
I managed to stop at about 200 books and we got out of there.  But I will definitely go back and take my list of books that customers are looking for.
Well that's all for today, will tell about my first day at the college this morning for the weaving class.

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  1. I'd be digging right along with you in those boxes of books if I could. Seems like I do more "listening" to books these days than reading hard copies, while I weave or knit, but I do love to quietly sit and read, too.
    Looking forward to hearing about your class.