Thursday, November 29, 2012

New selvage fabric

I ordered 65 lbs of selvage from Leesburg looms in Ohio recently.  I usually get a nice assortment of cotton selvage in nice bags full.  This time 2 of the bags had a different fiber so I called them but guess they are middle men/(lady) and didn't know the answer.  I took a sample to weaving class and the instructor did his tried and true method of testing,  lit a piece with his lighter.  He can tell by the smell and how it burns if it is wool, cotton, or synthetic.  It was synthetic as I figured, prob polyester.  Anyway it turned out real pretty,  The color is more golden than the picture shows.  I washed and dried the rug to get a better feel for how it would turn out.  It is quite soft and for some reason smells like downey!

Saturday, November 24, 2012


I made this pair of (almost matching) "sweater" rugs for a lady that ordered them when I was at the craft show last Saturday. She came by this morning and picked them up.
Second picture is the rug on the loom, you can see the colors better.

 The next set of pictures is of the process of preparing the sweaters to weave if you are interested. 
It is a different rug I did a few weeks ago.  I cut the strips vertically from the sweater.  I like the cotton ones the best but will use the acrylic ones alot too. I sew the ends together then trim the excess. 

I mix in a little cream colored cotton selvage for some texture. These make good bedroom rugs or I like to hang them over the back of the recliner.

I am the queen of recycling!!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Latest Craft Show, over at last

Here are the Two Recycled Sisters,  errrrrrrrrrr,,  I mean, Two Sisters Recycled!
This is our last craft show this year.  Alot of work, and this one was really huge, held at a local school and they had over 100 vender's!  Had to set up Fri evening for the preview event that they sold 200 tickets at 10$ a pop for folks to get a first looky look.  They got fancy snacks and we got one slice of crappy pizza and an ice tea.  But it was a good fund raiser for the PTA.  Then Sat. we were there from 8 am till 4 pm.  So now back to reality.
I am the designated driver for another week or so.  Those two are keeping me hopping to keep schedules straight with Therapy, Dr. apts, hair apts, Groceries,  banking,  ect, ect!  Glad when hubby can drive "Miss Daisey" again.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

My Nov. Newspaper column

November 2012 column

My sister Mary Funk and I enjoyed being craft vendors at the Maple Leaf Festival in October. It was a productive but long day. We call our selves “Two Sisters Recycled”. I will be closed on November 17th, going to a craft show at Carver Elementary School, in Neosho. Come see all the crafts for sale in time for Christmas. Buying local made items helps our community.

I would like to make one correction for my column last month. The Prairie Jubilee that I attended at Prairie State Park in October is held every other year, not annually.
While I was there I met a young man who lives in Columbia Mo and is the photographer for an amazing book that I will review this month. His name is Noppadol Paothong and he has won many awards for his wildlife photography.
I have one of his books in my book store here in Granby. Please come in and see it. It would make a beautiful Christmas gift. If I can get enough interest I will order some more from him. You will not find this book on Amazon.
Save The Last Dance
A story of North American Grassland Grouse
Photos by
Nappadol Paothong
Written by Joel M. Vance

What a beautiful book. This is one you would be proud to have on your coffee table and a delight to read. The photography is amazing with large color photos of the grouse, most commonly called the prairie chicken.
Mr. Paothong has made a long journey from his homeland of Thailand as a student to end up here in Missouri with a full time job as wildlife photographer for the Missouri Department of Conservation. He previously worked as a photo journalist at the Joplin Globe.
He spend hundreds of hours in photo blinds to capture the native grouse with impressive results. The story with the book tells of the disappearing beautiful birds and their shrinking habitat. This book will inspire you to see the beauty and help preserve what we have.

The Weight of Silence
Heather Gudenkauf
Callie is a seven year old selective mute. Petra is Callie's best friend and acts as Callie's voice. The two girls go missing in the middle of the night and from there the story takes you on many twist and turns while their parents and police look for them. It will keep you on the edge of your seat till the end.
The book is told from many different points of views that switch off throughout it. I liked this because you got a glimpse as to what each person was going through and how they saw the events that played out. Their voices tell their stories both present and past. But will the trauma that caused Callie to stop talking be discovered in time to save the girls.
I enjoyed the book, and its bittersweet ending, and would definitely recommend it.

Feature Author for November

My feature author for this month is Nora Roberts, born in 1950. She has written more than 200 romance novels and also writes a series of mystery novels under the name J.D. Robb. At least 11 of her novels have been made into movies. She is usually my “go to” author when I don't know what I want to read. So for November I will offer $1.00 off any of her novels.

Thought for the day: A synonym is a word you use if you can't spell the other one.

Dorothy Cliff is the owner of Read Again Book Exchange in Granby.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Demonstration at High School

Our Fiber Guild was invited to do some demonstrations in the use of fibers at a local highschool that was having their VoAg banquet Thurs nite.   Our spinner had a family emergency so there were just 2 of us there with a couple different looms.  I had my table top loom with my current table runner in the works.  Here is a pic of me.
I was real proud to see so many FFA jackets in the room.  There was a pretty big crowd.  We didn't stay to eat but headed home.  It is always fun to show someone a little about your craft. 
Here is a pic of the other gal with her small rigid heddle loom,  and after seeing it, I am not so sure I want such a large one like I mentioned before.  So may look at something smaller to use at the store to make mug rugs and runners.