Thursday, September 5, 2013

My newspaper column for Sept. 2013

Sept column
My book store in Granby, Read Again Books, will be closed the last week of September for a little R&R.
I am gearing up for a couple events for the fall. Sept 20th and 21st SW Fiber Folks will be hosting an event in Mt Vernon. It is called Fiber Daze. There will be vendors there to show all kinds of yarns, equipment, and a multitude of things. This is open to the public and is at the MARC Center. Classes are being offered and registration is still open if you go to our website to check things out.

Also I have registered for Farm Girl Fest the first weekend of Oct. held north of Carthage at Red Oak. I will have my booth to do weaving demonstrations and sell my hand woven rugs, totes, and much more. Also the fiber guild will be there with members demonstrating spinning and weaving. Should be a great event.

So what have I been reading?
I have just finished the first of a trilogy, Fifty
Shades of Grey. Oh, my, not for the faint of heart, and not appropriate to report on in this column.

I did read two Sandra Brown Books this past month.

Play Dirty
Sandra Brown

A great story about a former Dallas Cowboy superstar named Griff who spend 5 years in a Federal prison for throwing a game for money. He is now free and trying to figure out what to do with the rest of his life as he is not wanted back in the industry that he loved. Of course as with all Sandra Brown's books there is a romance thrown in as Griff falls for the wife of a multi-millionaire who has hired him to do a job for him that will leave you shocked and even for shocked that he accepts the offer. Lots of twists and turns here to keep you reading.

Sandra Brown
Another page turner that is a tale of corruption, betrayal, and murder. When a sick man is found lying in her front yard, Honor rushes to his aid, only to be held captive by a man accused of murdering 7 local people the night before. Eddie claims that she has something in her possession that belonged to her late husband that will prove his innocence. This all leads them into the corruption at the highest levels of law and government. Again a great read.

The Lucky One
Nicholas Sparks
Sparks is another of my favorite authors. U.S. Marine, Logan finds a photograph in the dirt, during his tour of duty in Iraq. The face of the woman haunts him and he ends up feeling that its presence in his pocket has kept him safe. Upon returning home, he is at loose ends and starts out on a journey to find this woman. He is able to identify something in the photo to guide him to the right city. Of course you must know he finds her and falls in love with her, but must go slow and he helps solve a mystery. A great story about the surprising paths our lives often take and the power of fate to guide us.

Next month I will report on the school program called Bright Futures. If you have not heard about it, you will.