Saturday, February 4, 2012

My first hem stitch!

This is the edge of a little denim hot pad that I made.  Thought the hem stitch came out pretty good.  Not sure yet if I will still need to tie the ends to make it really secure.  Have been getting excited about all the new things I am learning about my 2 looms.   Then my sister comes over and sits to teach me new things with quilting.  Ohhhhhhhhh, so many things to learn to do.   I am looking a a pile of sweaters that I cut up that need sewed into rag balls so I can weave them.  Here is a picture of one sweater being sewn.  I think it will weave up real nice.  Collecting enough balls that I can do some mixing of colors and make some rows that match up, instead of mixing the colors in the same rag ball.  Confused yet.  LOL

Happy Super Bowl Weekend.  Hubby taking me out for dinner for my birthday, which was earlier in the week.  Never to late to celebrate.  Thinking a steak sounds good.  Haven't had one for awhile.  Maybe thats why my lab lipids were good recently.  Woo Hoo!

1 comment:

  1. The hem stitch looks good. I'll bet you'll be able to cut the warp threads even shorter once you make sure they will stay in place during washing/drying, making them look even more like mini-rugs. ;)
    Happy belated birthday! Enjoy you dinner celebration!