Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I am hooked and I can't stop reading

This fits me to a tee!  I am into the third book of the Outlander series and the main character is such a strong woman that lives her life with such passion that you makes you want to crawl into her skin for awhile and see what it must be like.  Of course she has a big red headed Scottish warrior to be passionate about. But beside that she is one who knows what she is born to and nothing gets in her way.
I have just put down one book and picked up the next.  I know I will have to read something in between so I can do my book reviews for the paper.  I think this next month it will be rather skimpy.  Hey, I have been busy!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A re-read

I am re reading the complete set of Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series of 7 books with the 8th promised.  Maybe by the time I get thru these the new book will be out.  I first read them over 8 to 10 years ago and I read them as I was able to find them.  So now I am into the second book  Dragonfly in Amber.  It is rather fun to read a book that you have read before.  I am amazed at the details that I either forgot or didn't grasp when I read them the first time.  Sort of makes the reading a little richer and you already feel you know the characters.  This is probably my favorite series. 
You may think I am weird but I am planning on re reading the Clan of the Cave Bear series again.  I think they were really well written and it has been many years since I read them as they were printed back in the 80's.

Had a new customer in the store last week and she saw my book lying on the counter and commented that it was her favorite series, and when I mentioned wanting to re read the Clan series again she said she was planning to do that too.  Found out she is a weaver and knows some of the folks at the college where I have been taking weaving classes for 2 semesters.  She has set her loom aside for several years.  I think I got her interested in coming to the Fiber Guild mtg for Feb with me.

Feels good to be back at my regular hours in the store now. 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

I am back

I have had my book store closed for over 3 weeks due to family health issues.  It is good to be able to re-open again even though I am only there 4 to 5 hours a day.  Its a start.  I made a new flag to hang out when I am there.  So glad we are having a mild winter so far, as it has made it easier to not have to deal with shoveling snow and all.  Being the only driver in the house I take all 3 of us to all our appointments, shopping, banking, and McDonald runs.  (We are addicted to the coffee there)

Not having any luck today down loading pictures.  Will try again next time.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My January newspaper column

Happy New Year to everyone. Since this is now published we know that the world didn't end so lets make 2013 a great year. I have made one major change for the new year. I no longer have a land line for telephone at the store. I have upgraded my cell phone to a “smart” phone that I can access the Internet with my laptop anywhere. When they call it a smart phone they weren't kidding. I probably won't figure out everything but have found some pretty amazing features on it. So this phone will be shared personal and business. Hopefully when people call the other number they won't think I have closed down. I have been trying to notify everyone as I can. The other advantage is that I will now be able to swipe credit cards with the phone so my customers won't have to run up the street to the ATM machine.
Gathering Blue
by Lois Lowry
After reading the first of this series and reporting on it last month I was anxious to start on book two. As I said before these books were written I believe with the young adult in mind but I found them to be very good reading. In this one a young girl with a talent for weaving colored threads is taken to the Council of Guardians when she becomes an orphan. She is also crippled in one leg and feared that she would be taken to the “field” where no one returned. There is also a young boy that was orphaned who lives there and he has a talent to carve pictures in wood. Their talents are pushed by the Council to repair the wooden staff and robe of the “Singer”.
Annually there is a gathering where the Singer sings the history to the people, using the staff carvings and pictures on the robe to guide him. But when these youngsters begin to learn how they became orphans and what their life will be like they make a choice that could change their history. The title of course has to do with a color that she needs and in finding it she discovers a wonderful thing.
There is one more book to this series that I will read soon.

by Diana Gabaldon

I never thought I would be one of those folks who keep books and actually read them again. But have you ever finished a book and felt a sort of loss? Its like you just left a good friend and wish you could keep them with you. I read this Outlander series several years ago. There are seven books so far, with the promise of another to come. When I collected the series I promised myself that I would re-read them one day. Well I didn't do it last winter so this time I actually got started and I am so glad I did. Gabaldon is one of my favorite authors. She makes you feel like you were there! The story line is about Claire Randall who is a nurse in the war in early 1940's and takes a vacation to Scotland with her husband. She takes a walk and goes thru these stones and ends up back in 1745 in the wilds of Scotland. She is taken captive by a Scottish clan who think she is an English spy. Of course the English think she is a spy for the Scotts. Later she is rather forced to marry one of the clansmen to give her protection and to give him protection in another way. His name is Jamie Fraser. So the story follows their narrow escapes from a Captain Randall who happens to be a very distant relative of her husband from 1944. Are you confused? Oh, I forgot to mention that she finds her true love in Jamie and he in her. It is a great story and as I said you feel like you came back to an old friend.

As I finish this column today on Thursday after Christmas and get it ready to send to the paper I must report that my store hours may be irregular again due to health issues with a family member. I will be closed till after New Years for sure and maybe beyond. Feel free to call to be sure I am open or send me a text is good too. Don't give up on me.

This was my newspaper column that I turned in just after Christmas, if you follow my other blog that is linked here you will see the "rest of the story" as Paul Harvey used to say.  Happy New Year!
(I deleted the phone number for this blog.)