Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Thinking of spring

Awhile back I bought all I needed to make this springy looking wall hanging with pansies.  So yesterday I got it all cut out.  Here are my labeled strips on the first cutting.  Alot of the strips are sewed together in a certain order, then recut to be turned this way and that to create the desired blocks.
Here is the 3 finished squares.  Sorry the color sucks.  That really is a pretty dark purple and the center blocks are a lighter purple print.  The green has a glitter look and is real bright.  I will take a pic of the finished product out in the sunlight.  I still have the 4 squares to make the applique pansies.  That is the topic for our quilt club in Jan.  So I will wait and get some expert advice on how to do that part.

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