Friday, December 30, 2011

New Pulleys! I am easy to please.

Finally replaced the old wooden pulleys with new metal ones,  Works smooth!
Working a rug with recycled sweater, and some bands of cream cotton selvage.  Ended up with a nice size rug. 44 inches long. You know how we always like to find our own faults with our work?  I have to point out something.  this rug was done right after another rug, I think you can see that in the prev picture.  Where you finish off a rug but leave it on the loom and go forward and start another rug without cutting the warp.  When I put on the filler, then the binding warp, I didn't notice till later that it seemed to pull in some, so when I started weaving the rug material which was a smidgen wider than the binding, I got a little puckering.  I think when the rug is used it will flatten out ok, but was disappointed in that little hiccup.  So will watch it when I do this again.  When weaving several rugs with the same warp that is beamed it saves alot to keep them on the loom if you can.  I am still learning. Any advice in this area would be appreciated. 

I hope the New Year finds all my friends with all they desire, good health, and friendship being on the top of the list.

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  1. They look great to me! What's a little pucker....I think you're correct about it flattening out when washed/dried and laid on the floor.
    Has your shed been better after working on the loom more often?