Friday, December 9, 2011

pictures don't quit do justice

My 2 bags of Pendleton wool selvage I ordered 20# but they came already bagged up, so got one 9#, and one 14#  Will be fun and messy to pull it out and roll up in balls.
This is the black and tan.  Notice the fine texture and tight weave.

Dark navy and gray with some rust every so often.  Should weave up beautiful.  Not sure what color warp I need to use.  Hate to buy more so will look at my colors and maybe mix some cream, and navy and not sure what other colors I have till I start looking.  But think I really need to order black as it is so versital and I don't have any.  Got silly when I first started weaving and bought up to many colors that I "liked". 

Just warped quit a bit of off white on the loom so may try a rug with the black and tan with it and see how it looks.  Actually when you weave selvage often the warp only shows on the ends, but still you want it to look good.

So Mike, I will be interested to see what colors you got!  And what will you weave?  Rugs I am sure but the gal in Branson had some hand bags made by folding the small rug and stitching the sides, (putting the ends to the side) Then she used a 1 inch wide heavy webbing for straps.  Made a nice tote.  Tell me if you have other ideas and have you ever done weaving with selvage??  If so I have the website of where I order my cotton selvage, & have gotten quite an assortment.  Last time I ordered you didn't have a choice on amount or color,  just a huge 80# box.  I am still weaving on it!  Check out Leesburg Looms and Supply.
Again the pictures aren't quite bright enough to do justice,  Hope you like your investment.  Merry Christmas!

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  1. I will let you know right away when the blanket selvages arrive. Thanks for posting pics of yours, too. I've never woven using selvage, so it will be a new experience for me. I'm sure it will be a rug 1st, then see where that leads....perhaps to more rugs. ;) Haven't done anything with the double weave since weaving the rest of the class warp from the loom. Too busy with Xmas scarves, it seems. ;) May the new year bring in new weaving experiences!