Thursday, December 1, 2011

Did I just get hoodwinked?

Well that young guy came back with a bag of books.  Of course they were old books that someone left in the house he is staying in.  Story is that he came up here from Texas for a job and it fell thru.  He has no car.  Been going door to door to ask to rake leaves.  Says he can do construction.  I gave him names of 2 local construction guys that are working their butts off in Joplin what with all the reconstruction going on.  He just wants money for cigarettes!  Says has some money coming in Sat.  I gave him 10$ for a few books with the understanding that he would return $5 of it on Sat. (that was his idea since he said he really needed $10 and would repay it Sat.  The books aren't even worth the $5.  I felt sorry for him, but he admits to a history of rehab and no job.  So I really doubt that I will see him again.  I also suggested that he find a ride to Joplin and see if he can't get hooked up with one of the outfits there and maybe stay at the homeless shelter so he can work there. 
Guess this is the stuff that happens when you make bad choices.  What a waste of potential that was God given.  Makes me very sad indeed.

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