Thursday, December 8, 2011

A good day!

Yea, had a local guy (not loco) come in this morning and buy 3 rugs (made on my table top loom) and a bowl from my craft dept. of the book store.  WooHoo,  he said he refused to spend money at Walmart for gifts.  Wish more folks would feel that way.  We have WAY to much junk in the stores that we spend good money for, just so we can say that we bought a Christmas gift.
Don't think I mentioned that I finally got the big loom working and did my first 25 inch wide rug on it this last weekend.  I have started another one with selvage that I think will turn out nice. I still don't get a clean shed, but it is workable, so I am ok for now.
And...... I got my order from Pendleton Or.  The pre-story is that while I was in Branson right after Thanksgiving I was in a Crafters Mall and met up with a weaver.  She also makes baskets and brooms.  Very crafty lady!  Anyway I digress. She gave me the phone no. for the Pendleton store in Or. to order this beautiful wool selvage!  I got to feel her rugs and the selvage she had on the shelf.  I was so excited I came home and called and ordered 20 pounds.  $1.88 per pound, plus you don't want to know the UPS fee.  But I got this wonderful batch of gray and black, and another bag of navy and tan. So if any weaver out there is reading this I will share the phone number, and Mad Mike you can share it with your weaver friends if they weave with this type product.  541-276-6911 
Also you can go on line to click on home and blanket, then click on native American bed blankets. And you can see some of the colors available.  The gal said they don't do internet orders. Its all very personal.  You can order colors, sort of general, like earth tones, greens, blues, ect.  She said you just can't order something from a specific blanket.   I would have liked some rust, and browns, but I am OK with what I got.
So there you go, hope someone else will find this useful.
Got my monthly column in this weeks paper, so will post it here tomorrow.  As my daughter might say: "I am ate up with myself"  lol. 
Don't we love to see ourselves in the paper?  Well maybe it depends on which section.  Ewee just had a bad thought with that one, so best stop for today!

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  1. Well, Ms. DC......Thanks to you, I just spent some money. ;) I'm taking your word for it, sight unseen, and ordered myself 20#'s of the wool blanket selvage, too. :) It'll be interesting to see what I have sent to me, in comparison to what you received. I'll be sure to take some photos and write a blog post about credit where credit is due, of course! ;)