Thursday, October 25, 2012

My Serendipity moment

Our booth from last Saturday.  I felt we did pretty good.  Put a little money in my savings to pay for the new loom I am looking for.
Have to tell about a little serendipity that happened to me last week.  A weaver friend (Mike) sent me a link to a weaving sales thru Yahoo for someone who had a rigid heddle loom that was just perfect for what I was looking for.  So I copied the info then went on line for with the name of the manufacture.  It is a Kromski Harp 32" Rigid Heddle/
While checking out Kromski I found their prices less than the ad, but also I found someone local who carries this brand.  So I copied this info.  All this was on Friday last week.  On Sunday I had my Fiber Guild meeting and I took all my info with me to pick some brains and ask for a workshop on the rigid heddle weaving.  Well you won't believe it but a couple ladies in my group are the owners of the distributor that I had found on line!  Soooooooooo to make a long story a little shorter, they were able to give me a good price on a new one and they are working on dates to do an all day workshop and if that's not feasible they will just do some one on one with me if I want to buy it. 

So now with my sales from the show Saturday I have enough money set aside to buy the loom.  I am excited to try something new.  I forgot to mention I sold 7 rugs!  Plus some other stuff, but the rugs were the big ticket items.  3 of them were the wool selvage rugs, so I am out of them.

I have registered for one more craft show at a local elementary school that is reported to do really well, in the middle of Nov. Folks buying stuff for Christmas.
Will be off line for a week unless I go to the Library,  hubby having a second knee done next Tue and so I will have the store closed for over a week.  Will have lots of catching up to do. 

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  1. Congrats on doing so well! I'm pleased that all has worked out so smoothly .....what a small world, eh?
    My best to your husband with his knee replacement. Hopefully, this one will go even better than the last one. He'll most likely be back driving in 2 weeks! ;)