Friday, November 9, 2012

Demonstration at High School

Our Fiber Guild was invited to do some demonstrations in the use of fibers at a local highschool that was having their VoAg banquet Thurs nite.   Our spinner had a family emergency so there were just 2 of us there with a couple different looms.  I had my table top loom with my current table runner in the works.  Here is a pic of me.
I was real proud to see so many FFA jackets in the room.  There was a pretty big crowd.  We didn't stay to eat but headed home.  It is always fun to show someone a little about your craft. 
Here is a pic of the other gal with her small rigid heddle loom,  and after seeing it, I am not so sure I want such a large one like I mentioned before.  So may look at something smaller to use at the store to make mug rugs and runners.


  1. As much as I like to use my hands, I don't know if I have the patients or talent to do rugs or anything other than straighten out a string. You look good by the way. Good picture.

  2. Great pic and opportunity to show off fiber arts!
    I taught high school in SW MI for 32 years and was very disappointed when the high school I taught in didn't replace the FFA teacher/sponsor. Our community wasn't completely rural, but the area supported a very large county fair (my kids showed dairy goats), and to this day, I feel it was a huge mistake to take the opportunities and diversity that FFA awareness brought to our school/community. I'm glad to know there are still places that really value the wide spectrum of educational diversity.
    I trust your husband is recovering from his knee surgery nicely?