Thursday, October 18, 2012

Weaving update

This is the table runner that I finished off about 3 weeks ago from my weaving class at the college.  It is cotton warp and weft, with a diamond pattern through out.  But the pattern shows up best in the gold.
I am warping the loom now for a scarf.  My goal to learn how to beat the weft SOFTLY.  Since I make rugs most of the time this will be a challenge.  Also am going to put a floating selvage in.  Never did that before.  I am using a fine warp in cream and tan, very shuttle for my pretty pink yarn.  Have forgotten the contents of it but a mixture.  I am doing a simple warping of 1,2,3,4-3,2,1  repeats.  Then the pattern is a simple twill.  So unless you are a weaver I am just using gibberish here.  LOL

Been having trouble getting in the mood to weave.  Hope when this craft show Saturday is over I can put all that stuff away.  I am hoping to make enough to buy a rigid heddle loom to use here at the store.  I think it would be fun to learn another way of weaving that is a sort of throw back to simple times.  Yet I understand that you can do many patterns and textures on it too.  So will see.  May put an ad on Craigs list that I am looking for one. 

Fall is definately here,  the air is crisp and the trees turning beautifully this year.  The 2 nites of frost a couple weeks ago must have triggered it.  Hummers are gone south to their winter homes.

Will post pictures of the craft fair next time.  Wish me luck!


  1. If at all possible, get the loom stand for the rigid heddle loom, too. It will be the perfect height for weaving when sitting on a regular chair. It of course, can be used on a table, but that puts it just above comfort level.....

    1. Thanks Mike, I sort of thought I would like the stand. Looked at them on a few sites today. Even saw some U tube videos on weaving with one and setting it up.