Thursday, October 11, 2012

BookSneeze: explained

Sometimes I have to review a book for this web site.  So you can read them or ignore.  Often I incorporate them in my newspaper column that I do, so lucky you, it is on here twice!  
If you go to that site you can log in and get free books too.  They are mostly Christian/self help type books but I have found some that are just good fiction, too.  Lots are E-book, so I am more limited.  I pick a book and they ship it to me.  All free.  I just have to do a book review and post it on a site like Amazon, which is easy and on my blog site.  Then I link my reviews into BookSneeze and then I can order another book.  Easy as pie to get a free book and I am all about getting FREE!
So just for heck I will leave you with this crazy cat!

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