Wednesday, October 10, 2012

For Book Sneeze, review of The River

The River
Michael Neale

Why is Gabriel Clark so mysteriously drawn to The River? The book starts out with a chance meeting at an airport of the “author” and Gabriel. Gabriel is in the mood to tell his story about The River and so it unfolds into a wonderful story that the “author” claims changed his life. When he was 5 years old, Gabriel experienced something at the river that was so traumatic that he lived the next 15 years in fear and sadness and a lot of anger. He grows up in Kansas with his hard working mother and at age 20 a friend coaxed him into a trip back to Colorado where he was born and lived till age 5. He encounters the river and is changed forever. You could feel what he felt as he is challenged to find his inner peace, to give forgiveness, and to find love. This is so well written you forget that it is fiction. You must read the paperback copy as it has the look of a worn journal and that is a key part of the book as he finds his fathers old journal that speaks to him as the river speaks to him. The conclusion is so unexpected that you will be amazed. This is just one of those books that can change the way you see things.


  1. I also read and enjoyed The River. It's really a book about trusting God, letting go of past hurts so that you can move forward in life. It's an inspiring story about the possibilities that unfold when you are willing to take a risk. Life with God is meant to be an adventure--this book reminded me of that truth!
    Also, the author has free chapters available on his Facebook page if your readers want to read them.

  2. Wow I just got a comment from the authors blog site.