Wednesday, October 10, 2012

October Newspaper column

I hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful fall weather. We had a great trip to Wyoming and Colorado in September and enjoyed the beautiful fall foliage and a little trout fishing.

On the 22nd my sister and I did our first craft show at Crowder College. It was a great day and a lot of vendors. Sadly it didn't seem like there were very many buyers. Hopefully when they do this next year it will get more advertisement and there will be a better turn out. As I type this I am preparing to do a weaving demonstration at Prairie State Park on Sat the 29th. I will be wearing my prairie dress that I made for the event. This is an annual event with all day activities to enjoy for the whole family, complete with food and music.
I will be closed on Sat. the 22nd of October so I can do a craft booth at Maple Leaf in Carthage. I will be giving out coupons for the book store so find my booth.

As I mentioned last month I want to list a feature author and tell just a little bit about that person. I will also be offering $1.00 off on any of this authors books for that month. For October I will start with James Patterson since he is such a prolific author. Born in 1947, he started writing seriously in 1996. There are 17 books in the Alex Cross series about a forensic psychologist. Many know him by his Women's Murder Club series. He is up to book 11 now. He has many stand alone novels and my favorite was a surprise to me, a really sweet love story “Sundays at Tiffany's.”

While we were in Wyoming we got a private tour of the Saratoga Museum since my husbands cousin is one of the main volunteers. They have been promoting a Wyoming author who writes books about a game warden in Wyoming. I was given a copy of one of his books and really enjoyed it so it is my first book to review this month.

C.J. Box

Joe Pickett is a game warden in Wyoming. This is one of several books that Mr. Box has written about Joe and his family. The title is accurate as the area in the mountains in Wyoming is experiencing a very bad winter with blizzards raging. There is also a murderer loose and the prime suspect is just too good to be true. With several levels of authority trying to handle the case, you soon find a few people to hate and you are on Joe's side as he fights the elements to find the real suspect and save his family at the same time. An action packed book. Made me want to wear a warm parka while I read it.

The River
Michael Neale

Why is Gabriel Clark so mysteriously drawn to The River? The book starts out with a chance meeting at an airport of the “author” and Gabriel. Gabriel is in the mood to tell his story about The River and so it unfolds into a wonderful story that the “author” claims changed his life. When he was 5 years old, Gabriel experienced something at the river that was so traumatic that he lived the next 15 years in fear and sadness and a lot of anger. He grows up in Kansas with his hard working mother and at age 20 a friend coaxed him into a trip back to Colorado where he was born and lived till age 5. He encounters the river and is changed forever. You could feel what he felt as he is challenged to find his inner peace, to give forgiveness, and to find love. This is so well written you forget that it is fiction. You must read the paperback copy as it has the look of a worn journal and that is a key part of the book as he finds his fathers old journal that speaks to him as the river speaks to him. The conclusion is so unexpected that you will be amazed. This is just one of those books that can change the way you see things.
Michael Neale is also a song writer of gospel songs too.

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