Friday, September 30, 2011

One man's trash, another's treasure (maybe)

Funny, I set this blog up to be about my book store and I sort of got way laid with all my crafts.  Of course my crafts are part of what I am all about and the reason for the store. I love to recycle, thus the used books, rugs from used fabric, and my totes, and bowls.  All used materials as much as is possible. We are way to much of a throw away society!    Stopped at a couple garage sales this morning and got a stack of Dean Koontz books for 5$.  A good deal for me.  I usually try to do a little dickering.  LOL Got them for about half of what they were asking.  I am shameless!
So this kitty is just a "drop in the bucket"  Thats how much each of us contributes to the over all trash of the world. Hit 2 garage sales that were nothing but trash.  Why do folks bother? And dirty stuff thats been stored in an old garage for years. Now some things just can't be recycled.  Oh Well!

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