Thursday, September 1, 2011

Early days of the business

I remember being very pleased when I opened that first day. Actually made several sales that day. When I left my job in Nevada I remember a doctor that I worked with making the comment about my little "hobby" store. At the time it sort of hurt my feelings and at times I have felt like some folks don't take me serious as a business owner. But I have come to realize that it is a hobby store. It makes enough to pay for its expenses that it generates. Actually from the very first month. So I was pleased with that.
The other reason it is a hobby store is that this is where I do MY hobbies. I have a table top loom and I weave rugs. (I will put pictures of that on next time) I now have my sewing machine here at the store and I make tote bags and bowls from cloth on the sewing machine. More about all that later.

So my little "hobby" is my little retirement get away place where I make new friends and keep my sanity!

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