Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I want to go back to school!

Back at my store today.  I enjoy my Wed. as that is the day I load all my stuff from home that I have piled by the door to bring into the store.  Then I get to log on, check out my blogger friends, get things organized and I am ready for business.  This morning I left a little early so I could go out to the college to catch this guy who teaches weaving classes on Wednesdays 9 to 12.  I hope he gave me some good advice on getting my treadles to working better.  I did weave just a tiny bit with the warp I set up last week,  but the "shed" was not even.  I played with it some and got it ok with one treadle, then when I stepped on the other that shed was full of lines.  Grrrrrr.  So this Gary said to concentrate on getting the lames even and don't worry about what the shafts on top.  OK that made sense, I think.  He also said he preferred to use the middle treadles to tie up for the Tabby weave that I do.  I have been using the 2 on the right.  So tonight I will crawl under this monster and try again. 
I got tickled when I told him that I was the gal that ran the little book store in Granby, he said, "Oh, yes, so and so mentioned you the other day."  He said her name, but I had no idea who she was.  Guess folks are getting to know who I am even if they don't know me personally.  I think  that is a good thing?

This is a really old rigid headle loom that my sister in law brought back from their vacation for me.  It appears to be quite old and I think she said the guy that had it said it was from some Eastern country. The attached tools seem quite old. I will take this to the fiber club next month and see what they think of it.  It looks like the weft was thick and fuzzy and the scissors were used to trim it flat.  Interesting huh?
I think when the next semester starts I will change my store hours on Wednesdays so I can take the weaving class at the college.   Hey I AM the boss.

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