Thursday, November 29, 2012

New selvage fabric

I ordered 65 lbs of selvage from Leesburg looms in Ohio recently.  I usually get a nice assortment of cotton selvage in nice bags full.  This time 2 of the bags had a different fiber so I called them but guess they are middle men/(lady) and didn't know the answer.  I took a sample to weaving class and the instructor did his tried and true method of testing,  lit a piece with his lighter.  He can tell by the smell and how it burns if it is wool, cotton, or synthetic.  It was synthetic as I figured, prob polyester.  Anyway it turned out real pretty,  The color is more golden than the picture shows.  I washed and dried the rug to get a better feel for how it would turn out.  It is quite soft and for some reason smells like downey!

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  1. You are definitely the "leader" in finding, and trying, new selvages......or at least a leader in the respect that you talk about what you're trying and how you like it. Always a pleasure to read your posts. Thanks for being "adventurous"!