Saturday, November 24, 2012


I made this pair of (almost matching) "sweater" rugs for a lady that ordered them when I was at the craft show last Saturday. She came by this morning and picked them up.
Second picture is the rug on the loom, you can see the colors better.

 The next set of pictures is of the process of preparing the sweaters to weave if you are interested. 
It is a different rug I did a few weeks ago.  I cut the strips vertically from the sweater.  I like the cotton ones the best but will use the acrylic ones alot too. I sew the ends together then trim the excess. 

I mix in a little cream colored cotton selvage for some texture. These make good bedroom rugs or I like to hang them over the back of the recliner.

I am the queen of recycling!!!

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  1. Very nice! Perhaps you won't be able to build up too much stock if you continue selling pieces throughout the upcoming seasons? That wouldn't be so bad, would it? ;)