Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Recycled the recycled!

Did you know you can recycle the recycled?  Thats what I have done with a rug I am weaving.  In the past I have taken apart a favorite old rug and rewove the warp.  This rug is one I bought from my friend in Iowa many years ago and loved it to its actual death!  So I took it apart and could only salvage part of the old denim warp.  So here is the small pile I had to work with.  I am using my little table top loom and making a small runner about 14 inches wide and how ever long the warp lasts.
So this is what it looks like so far.  Ignore the greenish stuff, that is just filler. 
Spent most of my weekend working on recycled jean bags.  It is fun to make them and put linings in and then figure out how to decorate them.

Big news that I will add more about later,  I have signed up for 2 craft fairs this fall and also a weaving demonstration.  Woo Hoo.  I am the demonstrator in case that wasn't clear.  I have my Prairie dress and apron (and pantaloons) cut out and need to get busy on that.  Have to dress in costume for the demonstration!  Here is the pattern:

I bought new fabric for the dress, but the apron is to be out of the recycled bed dust ruffle with the beautiful crocheting on the ednge.  The pantaloons are going to be from a recycled batiste night gown that I found at a garage sale, it is so soft and even has lace at the bottom already.  (I might be talked into modeling)

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