Thursday, August 23, 2012

Won't you be my friend?

A stranger called, and before I knew it I was wrapped up in his family history and loving every minute of it.
David L. Jones is working on his second book that is part fiction and part non fiction.  Any interested soul can go on line to Amazon and look for his book,  High Grade and either download it to your electronic book or order a book.  I have the book in my store for sale and there is no shipping to pay.
I loved the book but mostly I have really enjoyed getting to know the author and know I have made a friend.  He may live in Arizona but his roots are right here in Granby and Neosho.  His cousin (once or twice removed, what ever that means) came in today and trusted me to scan and copy 20 pages of their family history and send on to him.  The last several pages were tributes to the Grandmother that they share, written by different family members over a period of years.

Something that scares me is that in future generations will anyone care about this stuff?  So many people are being cremated and remains scattered to the winds.  So no physical evidence of their existence.  Then what about all the children born in this generation that have such blended families, many who have no legal ties.  How confusing will all that be.  And will anyone really care??

So on that thought I leave you with a picture of my moon flower that is having its last hurrah for the summer and the honey bees that are making honey for the winter.

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