Saturday, August 18, 2012

Cemetery Sloothing

Got the chance to visit a really old cemetery in this little town where I have my book store.  This one has many stones that date back to Civil War times.  These stones are what I believe to be the Great Grandparents of the author that contacted me recently, David Jones.  A relative of his came in the store yesterday and showed me a picture of the woman who is buried under that square stone.  So I took a picture of it and e-mailed it to David.  He was really surprised and happy to have it.  Now I have to go back with a brush and take the mossy stuff off it so that I can take a better picture.  It is a shame these old cemeteries are so poorly kept up.  Many of the taller stones are toppled. Many of the ones I saw were alive during the Civil War.  And in case you didn't now that was 1861 to 1865.
The guy who helps run the old Miners Museum here in town was in this week and he gave me alot of Granby history of the boom days of lead ore mining here in town.  The museum is over the Wooly Bugger Mine (really, I wouldn't make this up) The mining was going on before the war, but the Civil War lead to a big increase in mining.
Another nugget of information that I know.  Up till not very many years ago most the sewers in Granby were funneled down into old mine shafts that run all thru the town.  FACT!  They put in mandatory sewer system around 1990ish.  I always said that when it was completed the town would fall into a big pit because the mine shafts would be empty.  OK I won't go any further with that thought.  I found this to be a great site to get basic facts about the Civil War.  Check it out.

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  1. Don the keeper of both of our family histories and we've spend many a day in cemetery's both in the US and Canada. ;)