Friday, August 10, 2012

Four Degrees of Seperation

I have written here before about the author I have been chatting with and trying to sell his book here in my store.  He called this morning and we had a good visit.  Then just an hour later I got a call from a gal that was so excited because she had seen my newspaper column about the book and author, David Jones.  She subscribes to the paper even though she lives at least 150 miles away.  She thanked me for helping her find her Cousin!  Seems David's dad and her uncle were brothers or cousins, not sure.  Anyway I gave her info to reach David,  then as we chatted I found out that her sister here in Granby is a gal that my brother dated for about a year, about 4 years ago!  Now how is that for Four Degrees of Separation???  I could have ended up actually sort of related to David! 

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