Friday, June 1, 2012

Front to Back??

I am trying something new for me.  I am warping my "new" loom for the second time and am warping from front to back.  I am following instructions in Deborah Chandlers book.  At least most of them  So I have pictures now to show what I have done so far. 
The first pic is of my "Studio"  LOL  We have a large living room that we don't use, so I sold the sofa and the dining room table is still in there and gets used for my table top loom.  We have a family room/eat-in kitchen that we mostly live in so I have claimed this space for ME> You can see what I use my tread mill for!  Oops.
We have a large window to the west and the sun was shining in a little bright.
I am using 2 shades of blue, with 20 ends alternating.  This is my "chain" with lots of choke ties.  So far so good, as there is about 9 yards on here.
I tied the lease stick on the front apron, nice and snug.  At this point I still have the loop in the ends.  Was scary to cut the first set of loops as I knew I was committed at this point.

Almost done feeding thru the reeds, following the cross over at the lease sticks.  All looks smooth.

 Finished a little more this morning,  Will be ready to thread the heddles next.  This will measure about 28 inches so I should get some nice rugs out of it.  Will probably do a denim one to start.   When I warped the warp on the warping board I did it in 4 sections as you can still see by my long chains.  That really helped with that much warp and I think it will help keep it smooth when I start winding it up.  I have some wooden window blind slats to use on the beam.  I am anxious to see how this process will work doing it alone.

Want to add a picture here of the wall hanging that I found at a garage sale this spring for $3.  I think it is made of jute.  Any ideas on it?  I got no history, and it was a little musty.  I sprayed some fabrize on it and aired it good.  I like it!

It is real bumpy, lots of texture and I think pretty old.   Have a good weekend!

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