Thursday, May 17, 2012

I need help!

Can anyone tell me where to find a breaking gear like this one??  When I bought my floor loom the braking system was with a metal cable system and the prev. owner took it off as it was a hassle and she just used a bungee cord on the crank handle as a break.  It sorta works and I could live with it but I looked at all the looms at the college yesterday (last day of class till Aug:( )  Took this picture and its what I am sure I can install easily on my loom.  Just don't know where to go looking.  Will spend some time on internet today. 
Only 2 of us from the class actually ended up with projects on our looms so we plan to break in and weave one day.  Well actually there are summer classes and I guess we can get a key and go in legal like.  Dang, thought it would be fun to break in.  LOL  2 gray hairs breaking and entering to weave, now that is funny.
This is the first rug that I made on my floor loom at home.  Used the warping board and actually got a little pattern going with the warp.  Learning more as I go and will make wider bands of contrasting color next time.  Think I will weave some pretty shades of blue sweater strips with this warping and see how that looks.  As you know I "accidental" put 12 yards of warp on. 


  1. If you are not yet a member of the Rug Weaver's group at Yahoo you should join! They are a very knowledgeable group and I am sure that if you post a picture they will be able to help. I am a real beginner (fairly new owner of a LeClerc Mira) and have learned so much just from reading their archives and the daily posts. They seen to be able to answer just about any question they get.

  2. I agree with Sue O. I am continuously amazed at how kind people are with giving informative advice. On Ravelry, I belong to "Warped Weavers" and they, too, are an excellent source of information. Check those out and I'll bet you'd have several answers quite quickly.
    Nice 1st rag rug on your "at home" loom. :)