Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Warping finally done and let the weaving begin

Finally got the floor loom warped.  Boy did I warp a bunch!  Took most of my week off and on fooling with this.  Only found one boo boo.  When I was threading the warp thru the heddles I found that one of my light blue sections got an extra round on the warping board so there are 2 more strands, which threw me off on the threading, but since I am doing tabby weave it is OK.  You will have to look hard to see the section on the last pic. 
All threaded thru the beaters and the heddles.

All beamed up!  I just like to look at it!

Using my fav. denim.  Am learning after all this time that I am liking the denim strips narrower that I used to use.  I also like to rip the denim so the edges are a little fringy after I pull the extra strings off.  Then I let it fall with a twist sometimes and it gives it a wavy look that i like.  Don't like something to look to perfect.  Heck the factories make that stuff.  I like a little character to my rugs. 

Looking at my stash of "stuff" that begs to be woven and can't figure out what else to weave after I do this rug.  I should have enough warp to do 4 or 5 rugs.  Oh, and I threw out the plastic blind slats.  Don't ever try to use them for spacers when beaming the warp.  Gotta use wooden slats.  I ran out and had to go to the garage and confiscate all the yard sticks.  They worked perfect!  Sorry hubby, you never use them anyway.  Remember whats yours is mine.  :)

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  1. How about trying some of your Pendleton wool selvage? I haven't ordered more yet (too many other weaving pieces I want to do), but I loved how the weft "plumped up" after washing in cold water and drying in the dryer. I used 6 epi for mine so after washing the warp almost disappeared. What epi is your loom threaded?