Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What have I been up to?

This is one of my rag rugs I worked on this last weekend.  I am hemming this batch of rugs.  I got 4 rugs from 40 to 70 inches long and a mini one at the end that is about 25 in. long.  So I ran them back to back and only ran 4 rows of filler between them.  So had to take them to the sewing machine in mass to run stitching before I cut them apart.  Not to sure that was smart.  But I like the clean turned under hem.  May make more that way.
Did I mention that my sister and I are making cows with dresses?  I am the cow maker and she does the frilly stuff.   This is our herd so far.  Got info on a big craft fair this fall, so we are gearing up for our first one.  We are doing pin cusions now, and I will prob make a few more cows. Plus I have alot of my denim tote bags that I make and my fabric bowls. 

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