Sunday, September 13, 2015

Sept. newspaper column

This should catch me up to date on my column.

Sept 2015: 

Read Again Books in Granby continues to have most books on sale for half price. I have a goal to be able to clear enough books out so that I can remove the last big book case unit in the center of store. That will leave shelving around the walls that I will keep select books. Haven't decided yet how that is going to work yet. I have met some really great people through this little store and I am looking forward to expanding my studio for weaving. So stay tuned.

I am still setting up at the Farmers Market in Neosho, but only every other Saturday. They are getting fall type produce coming in so be sure to come check it out. I am also looking forward to setting up for the Neosho Fall Festival at the Museum just off the square along with the other folks demonstrating some of the older homesteading type crafts.

Also coming up soon will be the Fiber Daze event, Friday and Saturday, Sept. 18th and 19th in Mount Vernon at the MARC Center. Registration for classes has been going well. Still time to get in there and find a fun class. We will also have at the door registration for classes that still have openings. Go to our web site for more information.

I have a couple mystery books to report on this month. I am still in middle of re-reading a series of books by Diane Gabaldon. Book 4 is still my treadmill book, but since I have been a slacker the past couple months it sits there mocking me.

The Keepsake
Tess Gerritsen

If you are a fan of the Rizzoli and Isles TV show you would enjoy this book by Gerritsen. She has been writing a series of books with these characters since 2001. A retired physician she has insight into the world of Isles, who is a medical examiner. Gerritsen has written other mystery novels and romance.
In The Keepsake, a “misplaced” mummy in a big museum is found. Isles is called in to observe the X rays and examination of findings, when she sees a modern artifact that indicated this is a recent murder not a centuries-old relic. In steps Rizzoli the homicide detective to help her unravel this mummy murder. Their suspect is a young archaeologist, then he disappears. Modern mummification is part of the plot along with shrunken heads, and more victims. Quite a good read. I will be reading more of her books and now am hooked on watching the reruns of the TV series.

Killer View
Ridley Pearson

Many of us choose a book by its cover and this was one for me. Beautiful mountain scene but in dark shades of mystery. Also it said on cover “A gripping page-turner of a novel.” A search and rescue team at Sun Valley respond to a report of a missing skier. In their search one of their team goes missing and is found dead. Then another team member goes missing the next day. The sheriff, Walt Flemming is trying to find the link between the “missing skier” who was never found and the sheriff's team. The story goes back and forth between the mystery killer and his twisted mind and the frantic search for answers by the local officials. It looks like the main suspects are people of great power and wealth who are behind all of this and a possible big government cover up. I recommend this author for a good mystery read.

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