Sunday, September 13, 2015

August newspaper column

OK  I haven't posted my newspaper column for several months, so decided I would just add the last couple months for now, if anyone is interested.  

So here is August:

Wow! What a hot July its been. I have one hill of potatoes planted and I am afraid when I dig them up I will find french fries.

I have been working on the committee getting all the details done for our Fiber Guild annual event in September. Fiber Daze will be Friday and Saturday, Sept. 18th and 19th in Mount Vernon at the MARC Center. This has turned out to be a great place to give us room for all the classes that are offered and for the many vendors who set up with all their goodies for you to buy. The event is free of charge to come in and browse. The classes are on line at Just click on Fiber Daze then follow to classes. If you are interested in any of them, better not wait because they tend to fill up fast during August. Any questions feel free to call me or come by the store.

As I mentioned last month, I have decided to close out my book store adventure by the end of the year. Not sure why business has been so slow the last 6 months or more, economy, E books, or the fact I have to close from time to time for family illness. What ever the reason I need to be available to my family more and will keep my building as a private weaving studio. Weaving rugs is a very messy business and it will be good to keep it out of the house. I will continue to teach private classes and sell my rugs through local markets. I am looking into learning more about E-commerce and see where that might take me. So this is a good time to come stock up on books.

I love to read books that have been made into movies and not because I often see the movie, but because I feel that it was apparently a very good book for someone to make a movie. Of course I feel the book is always better. I read two books by Lisa Genova and found them to be truly good reads.

Still Alice
Lisa Genova

Lisa Genova knows what she is talking about when she wrote this book on Alzheimer's Disease since she is a Harvard trained Neuroscientist and she writes a column for the National Alzheimer's Association. The main character is Alice who has a career as an esteemed psychology professor at Harvard. She attributes her early symptoms of losing things and forgetting things to her stressful life style till she goes out for her morning run and gets lost on streets she has been on many times. She is totally shocked when a medical evaluation gives her the diagnosis of early onset Alzheimer's. The book follows what it is like for her to manage day by day with this disease knowing that it will only get worse. She even develops a daily ritual of identifying her family, where she lives and work and when she gets to the point of not remembering any of them she has a plan to end her life. When the time comes she gets so side track that it never happens. Her family are dealing with this too and when she has to quit her job the family pull together to give her a safe place to enjoy the simple things as long as she can. A really wonderful book and recommended to anyone dealing with this disease.

LEFT Neglected
Lisa Genova

After reading Still Alice, I was eager to read another of Genova's books. This one is about a very interesting medical condition that I had never heard of during my years of nursing. There truly is a condition called Left neglect. Sarah is a very busy business woman and in an instant her life totally changes as she looks away while distracted with her cell phone and is in a car accident that causes a brain injury. She is now unaware of the whole left side of her body. It is like she doesn't even see that side of herself at all or anything surrounding her on that side. So early on she had great difficulty dressing as it was like that side didn't exist. She had no control over her left arm and leg either. It is similar to a stroke other than not even being able to see anything on that side of body. Like a plate of food is only seen and eaten from on the one side. Sarah must relearn how to do everything and with treatment is able to “find” things that are not in her awareness on that side. She is even able to find humor in her inability to use a public bathroom by herself. Her family come into the picture with a mixture of forgiveness, acceptance and adaptability. Her husband's new role as a caretaker adds to her fear and frustration about her recovery. Overall a very good book about a condition most of us are unaware exists. Makes me wonder what this author will find to write about next.

Laura Griffin

This is a new author for me. I found her mystery very well written as it kept me intrigued till the end. Sophie walks into a nightmare on a college campus when a sniper starts shooting people. She escapes but 3 people plus the sniper die. Sophie becomes involved with the detective in charge as he works the case. She works for a huge crime lab. There are so many twists and turns and romantic interests in this story as they sort out who the real target of the shooting is and why. She has her theory and if she is right can the law protect her??

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