Sunday, September 20, 2015

Fiber Retreat

Just returned from a two day fiber event that our guild puts on every year.  I taught a weaving class on Friday and took a class on Sat. morning.  It is lot of hard work that as in most organizations is done by the few. (Then there are the few who stand back and find fault and always see the glass as half empty). But we had great volunteers this year and pride ourselves in helping our vendors get unloaded and all their "stuff" to the right area.  That was on Thurs afternoon.  Then on Saturday at five pm we reversed it and helped them get it out to their trailers or vans.  But by then everyone is tired, the grippers had of course left early, surprise?) We all stayed in good spirits and enjoyed each others company very much.  It is fun to sit with someone new for a meal and learn from them.  Enjoyed one meal with a lady who is sort of an expert on genealogy and so I really got to pick her brain to learn more as it is something I am wanting to get more involved in.  So it was not fiber related and that is the beauty of it all. Our guest speaker was awesome and I was lucky enough to have gotten in his class the next morning.  He is a cyber expert and taught us how to start up a small business and sell on line and have security at the same time.  This was just meant to be for me as I am right now in the transition of closing one business and starting another.  Have really pondered on if I can roll one into the other or do I have to start from scratch.  Looks like I need to start all over and that might be a good thing, as I find that many people don't realize how their little business links right to their home info, SS number and other accounts that all can be hacked by someone really trying.  Anyway I will try to write about that one of these days and will probably end up with a new Blog site that is not linked to my two current blogs.  But don't worry I will let my personal peeps know how to find me. OK I am off to look at Domain addresses and find if the one I want has been taken.  That is step ONE.
Will end with a picture that I think is so dang cute and Fiber related too.


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