Tuesday, January 27, 2015

November column

November column

I look around my reading area and realize I have four partially read books. What makes a person start reading another book before finishing the first one? Maybe its because I have so many books that I want to read but lately have been so busy its hard to find time. Bedtime reading makes me fall asleep.

My book store is slowly getting a face lift inside. I have torn out two major shelving units, clearing me about 12 square foot of free space. A good handy man has help me build shelves all along one wall and also in my storage area so I can keep duplicate books there. A little fresh paint and I moved my big floor loom into place. I have two table top looms set up so will be ready to start scheduling classes. So if you are interested in either a short 4 hour class to just weave a rug or an all day class to learn more about the loom and weaving, plus weave a rug. I have gift certificates available for that person who is hard to find a Christmas or birthday gift. Oh, and if you need a pretty good handyman/plumber, I can recommend one to you.

For my book choices this month, I rediscovered a favorite author, Ted Dekker. I have several of his books in my stack and one more is in that stack of partially read books!

Ted Dekker
No the book title is not a typo. That is how it is spelled on the cover. It was one of those “I can't put down” books. Dekker has a way of mixing good, evil and all that is in between into his books and that really gives them substance. I did learn that it was made into a movie also. When Kevin's cell phone rings and the voice tells him that he has exactly three minutes to confess his sin to the world or the car he is driving will blow up, the caller hangs up. Since he has no idea what to do in three minutes he maneuvers his car to an open area when he escapes just before it blows up. Kevin is a seminary student who lives a quiet life, so how can this be happening to him. But this is the only the first move in a very deadly game. He continues to get phone calls from this man who calls himself Slater who gives him bizarre riddles he has to solve before something tragic happens. With the help of a life long friend he struggles to keep his sanity and solve the riddles. Each test has the number 3 or multiples of 3 in it. As the tale is spun you realize that maybe everyone is not who they seem to be. Especially as bits and pieces of Kevin's childhood come to light. The ending is so unexpected, but true to Dekker style. I am looking forward to finishing the next book.

The Trumpet of the Swan
E.B. White
Sometimes I like to read a children's book just for fun. Recently I chose this old classic written in 1970.
Louis is a trumpet swan, a cygnet to be exact, as that is what young swans are called. But he is unlike his brothers and sisters, he can't trumpet. They live with their parents on a beautiful pond. Their mother teaches them what swans need to learn and their father guards and protects them. Then a young boy named Sam comes to their clearing and made friends with Louis. He even took Louis to school with him, where he learned to read and write. As he got older Louis fell in love with Serena a beautiful swan, but he still could not utter a sound. His father got him a trumpet. He became very musical and had many adventures. Of course there is a happy ending as he and Serena returned to the secluded lake to raise their own cygnets.

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