Tuesday, January 27, 2015

January drawing to and end

So far January for where I live in So Missouri has been a very good month, weather wise.  Sure can't complain.  Sorry for the folks in the north east who are getting hammered.  But isn't that sort of what winter is like up there?  Glad the weather guys got the roads cleared in preparation for the storm even though it wasn't as bad as they predicted.  Mother Nature is still in charge in case we forget. 

I haven't been around here to post any blogs, just got caught up posting my column for the last 3 months.  I think with FB now and our being connected with that we old timer bloggers sort of let things slid.  I need to go thru and read the folks that I peep in on and see if they are still blogging.  I think since I have had so much going on with family members who are either sick or getting elderly it leaves me not wanting to share the personal stuff going on and as a result I don't seem to have anything to share.

Also I find this blogger site harder to use on my old computer.  It won't let me down load pictures most of the time and I can't go back and correct anything.  So if I don't catch it right away and back space its just there.  Soo  will try one more time to leave a picture of the rug I recently wove on my new loom, which I love.  So till next time, its just me here, the Weaverbird of Mo.

Well dang!  Found I could download from my phone better than from my pictures stored in computer.  Yahoo!

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