Tuesday, January 27, 2015

January column

Welcome to 2015! Here at Read Again Books, I wish for all, a great year to remember. Appreciate what you have and hold your loved ones close. My one New Year resolution is to get my Yoga CD out and practice daily with the stretching exercises. The new year is a time to at least try to do something healthy for yourself.

December was a busy month. For the Granby business folks I post a challenge to have you come to the First Tuesday Business Coffee. Each month hosted by a local business. February it will be at my book store on the at 7:30 AM on the 3rd. Come enjoy meeting or catching up on news from your fellow business folks, have a cup of coffee and treat. We have a lot in common so check with Earl at the bank for location if you want to come and get on his e-mail list.

On the 20th I set up in Webb City Farmers Market and did very well selling rugs. Over Thanksgiving I went to Iowa and bought a nice floor loom from a good friend, so I am excited to be weaving on it. I now have 2 floor looms that are for sale.

On the 21st the Fiber Folks of SW Mo held their Christmas lunch and we sent our huge box of “warmies” off to be distributed to local shelters and DFS. We did this last year and decided to make it an annual thing that we can work on all year to donate. Hand made caps, scarves, mittens and much more. Anyone wanting to contribute can come by the store to drop off.

I actually got a few books read this month. I am finding that I like reading books that have movie tie-ins. The first is a throw back that I actually read a few years ago.

The Red Tent
Anita Diamant

I did a review of this book back in 2011, and commented “What a beautiful book”. I still stand by that as I was able to watch the 3 night mini series recently on TV. In the old testament Dinah is the only daughter of Jacob who also had 11 sons. There is only a brief mention of Dinah in the bible, but Diamant wrote this wonderful fiction about what her life might have been like. The red tent was a tent set aside for the women only, as a place to gather during their monthly menses, birthing, and illness. They formed tight sisterly bonds and were a mystery to the men. It was here that they handed down their wisdom through their story telling. The book tells of Dinah's marriage to the prince of Shechem that resulted in a son and her relationship with her father and brothers. The TV version follows the book very well and so very worth watching if it comes on again. Minnie Driver played the part of Dinah and was very believable. If you can't watch it then please read the book. This one stays in my library.

Gone Girl
Gillian Flynn

Ben Affleck stared in this recent movie. There was a lot of hype for it on TV, so when I was able to get the book I figured it would be a good read. Also the setting was in a fictitious town of New Carthage Missouri, supposedly in norther Missouri along a river. As Nick and Amy start the day of their 5th anniversary, Amy disappears. The story goes from chapter to chapter telling their individual stories at different dates in their relationship. They both seem to be complicated people especially Amy as her expectations of Nick seem over the top. At some point the evidence piles up to cause Nick to be arrested even though a body has not been found. I don't want to be a spoiler so won't tell the ended but I was pretty dumb founded. When it comes out I will have to rent the movie and see if it follows the book. This was a very good book that was hard to put down.

I did read another book but will save it till next month.

My new motto for the new year: Creative clutter is better than idle neatness!
I know all my crafty friends can relate to this.

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