Friday, July 13, 2012

My Marathon of weaving

Last PM  I finished off the 24 feet of warping I had on the loom.  Ended up with 4 good size rugs and one small one.  Could barely weave at the end as this roll was so large.  Good thing I didn't put any more warp on the loom.  So this is my rug roll.  All rugs done end to end with that green stuff hanging out that is the filler.  The next picture is the rugs rolled out but not cut apart!  Whoooo Hoooo!
The last pic was taken from the other end.  Now I just hope I put enough filler between each rug, cause I will have to cut them apart to put on the sewing machine to stitch and hem the ends.  Did I mention that it measured about 21 foot of actual rug in all.  Someone in the store asked about me making a hall runner.  Bring it on!

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  1. Bravo! I found out I was a bit behind in reading your posts and good thing I was sitting down! You've been so busy that I am ashamed of myself for not being as productive.
    My daughter made the move from DC to Chicago and now has a larger apartment, so I've decided that some Pendleton selvage rugs are in her future.......thanks to you for that! :)
    Its been extremely hot and humid up here, too, although we FINALLY got some rain which brought us a few days of relief from the heat, plus broke the drought immediately around here.....hopefully, in time to save crops, although some farmers had already begun cutting silage in order to save something from their corn plantings.
    Again, your rugs are beautiful!