Friday, July 6, 2012

I learn from every mistake

When I warped the loom this last time, I thought I was being pretty smart and saving time by tying onto the old warp on the loom.  Here is a picture of it in progress.
I just kept the old warp ends (blue) on the loom and tied the new warp ends to them, then giggled the knots thru the reeds and heddles.  Then when I started to crank it all onto the back beam I noticed some loose ends.  OOPS!  So I figured it out and was able to tie some extra ends in, and again thought I was pretty clever.  Well after I got the warp all beamed and started weaving my filler, I noticed 2 more spaces that were blank.  OOPS!  So I had to tie new ends onto the filler and now have 2 strands dangling from the beam with weights on them and you know what? It all weaves beautifully!  I totally missed at least 6 strands when I did that easy tie up.  Not sure if I will do this again or just go from scratch and thread it all thru, but that is a back breaker for me.  I will try to leave longer ends next time if I want to do this tie on again.  Oh, and I am warping front to back now and have it down pretty good to keep good tension.  The warp laying down over the front beam onto the floor gets all combed out smooth then sections are clipped together with big paper clips, then I lay a short length of a 2x4 across it as a weight.  As I crank it all goes on smoothly till I have that yard taken up.  Well it works for me and I guess we all do things that work for us and make us happy.  Here is the end results before I found the 2 missing spots.  :)

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