Thursday, July 5, 2012

I may have ADD

I keep seeing ideas that I think I just have to try!  I will get the loom set up and weave awhile, then I get lost at my sewing table and ironing board with things to sew.  Working on several denim totes and denim aprons.  Now I want to learn how to make the big gaudy fabric flowers to decorate with. Guess I will google those words and see what I get.  Here is my current weaving,  it is recycled sweaters and some cotton selvage that I ordered  a few years ago.  I like it with the pastels of the sweaters.  Makes nice bathroom rugs.
Well that picture was supposed to be down here but guess I will leave it alone. 
Hope everyone is keeping cool.  I am, of course I have the air on and a fan blowing on me, here in my little store.    

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