Thursday, April 5, 2012

Not perfect, but it was fun

It measures about 6 inches wide and 36 inches long

It was my runner of various patterns for my practice piece at the college. Guess I will hang it on the wall in my "studio". 
Going to warp up a floor loom next week after I pick out a runner to do of all one design.  Maybe about 12 inches wide.  I sort of like the one that looks sort of gray here.  It is actually a pretty shade of a dusty green.  Not sure what I will use to weave with.  Would like to try something with some texture, but will see.

Still haven't mentioned much yet about the new loom.  Have a potential buyer for the monster loom, so will know Sat. if it is sold, then I will get serious and take some pictures.

Have to tell a funny story about my Craigs Listing.  I got an immediate e-mail response, (after I said in my sales info to please call me, no e-mails)  Anyway the party wanted to buy it site unseen, send a cashiers check and would pick up after I cashed it and they wanted my address.  I responded to say I thought they were scamming me and I would be flagging them to Craigs List.  I got a response back and they called me a foooooooooool!  That I had no faith and they didn't have time to run around looking at everything.  I just about cracked up!  I still think it was a scam and they would be sending something funky for me to cash for to much money and then they would want the difference.  I know there are all kinds of scammers out there.  Shame on them! 

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