Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Chopped off the little pegs!

This is the back side of my little table top loom.  As you can see it is a sectional.  WELL,,,, it was a sectional.  This past weekend I cut the sections off and attached a nice little apron, and a pair of lease sticks, so now I am committed to warping my loom with the warping board, which is what I want.  So I am happy.  will post a picture when I have it warped.  I put a small (48) ends on it so I could finish out a few mug rugs that I have an order for.  Worked really well. With the sectional I had such a hard time keeping the wrapping smooth (none of the edges in the ditch) I was constantly having to place blocking in several places where the tension would get to loose. Sort of spoiled the fun of weaving.  So no more warping post, it went bye bye with the monster loom.
I have the floor loom at the college warped now with my lt brown and red.  So when I get back to it, I will be ready to start weaving.  I am pretty slow as there is always so much visiting going on around me.  The warping pattern is a little complicated at least for me and I don't want to make a mistake.
Here is a sneak peek of my new loom at home.  I will be happy to get it warped soon and make something.  The balls in the background are all sweaters I have collected and cut up.  Plus that little chest if full of weft plus a whole bunch more.  I could weave for the next year I think just to use all this up.  What was I thinking??

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  1. LOL....seems like you were thinking "Oh, I love this....gotta have it".....then found some more! ;)
    Looking forward to hearing how you like your new loom......and if you are happy with removing the pegs from your table loom. I've never had any experience with sectional looms, but found your reasoning perfectly justified in removing the pegs. Makes total sense to me. ;)