Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Rainy day weaving

This is my sampler that I have started at my weaving class at the college.  It is only about 6 inches wide.  Will make 5 to 6 inches of different patterns and colors.  It is fun to see what you can do.  I got my new loom home Sunday and sold my sofa the same day, so now I have more room!  Will post pictures later and tell the story about the loom.  I have to sell the big monster loom first.  Been working hard to weave the warp off that I have on it.  Did a big 75 inch denim rug this weekend and started another out of corduroy.  Good weather to weave.  We have over 5 1/2 inches of rain  so far as this morning and it has been raining all day!  Good for the farmers.

1 comment:

  1. Congratulations on getting the new loom!
    Your sampler is looking very nice, too! These patterns are all from the same threading, eh? Quite a bit of variety. Not been weaving or much of anything up here.....been fighting a cough/chest cold, so just laying low.
    I look forward to more photos!