Saturday, March 17, 2012

Baby Wolf Love

Going to look at a new loom tomorrow!  Wish me luck as I think it will be just what I need.  It is called a Baby Wolf.  Here is what one looks like from the catalog.
It belongs to a lady that used to take classes at the college in weaving.  I guess she has dementia now and her family is selling her stuff to close her home as she is in an assisted living facility now.  Rather sad as the other gals in the class have known her for a few years.  I didn't want to seem to eager to gain from her loss, so casually mentioned that I might be interested in the loom.  Another gal in the class has set up for us to go look at it and I get a warping board with it!!  Now I will have to try to sell the big monster that I have.  Will price it low and put it on Craigs List next week, I think.  I am so excited to be maybe getting something more user friendly and that I can sit to weave.

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  1. Very exciting DC! I look forward to seeing photos of it!