Friday, February 10, 2012

Weaving and making balls!

A little sample of practice work on the table top loom at the college.  I actually got to weave some tubular!!!  I thought that would be something hard and when Gary set me up with the sequence for the 4 shafts it was so dang easy!  Also before I left this week we were playing around with the art of tapestry.  He showed me a couple things but ran out of time.  He told me a story about a woman who loved to weave huge rugs.  She had made this really big RAG RUG  with a huge circular picture in the center of the New York skyline after 9-11.  Below this was an area that looked like water and below that what appeared to be a reflection of the New York skyline but with the Twin Towers in tact.  I still get goose bumps just repeating this story.  Wouldn't that be awesome to see?  And made from fabric on a loom!  Wow

Yesterday I finished up on the pile of sweaters that I cut up last week.  These are just a few of the balls that I rolled up after sewing the ends of the strips together.  If anyone wants to weave sweaters, just remember that you have to make the cuts vertical, then they won't ravel out before you can re weave them.  These are soft worn acrylic sweaters that I got for 1$ for a big bag full at a thrift shop.  One other word of advice is to wear a mask when working with this stuff as the lint flys and I think I breathed in to much of it yesterday.  Had a cough all last PM  and kicked my self for not being more careful.  But I love to weave sweaters, as you get the nice plush rug that is wonderful for the bath or bedroom.  Will post picture when I get going.  Right now I am collecting balls of assorted colors.  (No wise cracks needed here Coffepot, but will be disappointed if I don't see one)  LOL

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