Monday, April 18, 2016

March Column 2016

Feeling like I was spreading myself to thin with family, changing my book store into a weaving studio and keeping up with a very busy fiber guild, I opted to not run for Secretary this year. I was feeling relieved that I could just be a regular member without responsibilities. Well I belong to two Library organizations, Friends of The Library, and Friends of Genealogy of the Library and both have asked me to serve as officers. So don't forget, Wherever you go, There you are!
I have been working hard trying to get a website set up and figure out what I plan to do with this new business venture: Weaver Birds Rugs. Wish me luck. I still have lots of books in the shop so if I am there feel free to stop in.
I have enjoyed several books this past month, and will report on two of them that were favorites.
Dan Brown
Inferno gives us another installment in the life of Robert Langdon, an art historian, and sometimes detective. Previous great books of Brown with this character are The Da Vinci Code, Lost Symbols, and Angles and Demons. Langdon wakes up in Italy with no knowledge how he got there or why. He is treated for amnesia, then finds himself fleeing for his life from the hospital with a young female doctor's assistance. He has lost 36 hours of his memory. As they escape, they are persued by an underground organization and the Italian police. No one to trust. Through their flight, they untangle the mystery of a pending genocide plot. Brown draws the reader along on a long tale with much time spent describing Italian historical sites. I am sure some may be put off by this but I found myself checking my Google app to get a look at what he was talking about. I found the ending to be a surprise I was not expecting at all but actually thought it was perhaps the answer to our over population. You will have to read it yourself.
In The Blood
Lisa Unger
While walking thru the local library for a meeting, I had a little time to kill so ended up browsing. I found a Lisa Unger book I had not read so of course I had to check it out. Like I have no books to read! But I really love Unger's books and have actually gone on line to buy them. She works the twists and plots to really keep you up late at night to read. Liar, liar, pants on fire! Those are the words I always think “I would like to see that” In this case a college senior, Lana finds she has been told so many lies about her life that she no longer knows who she is and the truth may be a real nightmare. Before she starts her graduate work in child psychology she needs to work for the summer so she takes a job babysitting for a manipulative eleven year old boy, thinking this is right up her alley. Then her close friend Beck disappears. Lana finds herself making up stories because she knows she has things in her past that she can not tell about. The one person she thought she could trust betrays her and she finds some lost family she didn't know she had. Have to say I sort of saw that coming, but I liked the suspense she weaves. Unger is a masterful writer of psychological thrillers, and this one does not disappoint.

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