Monday, April 18, 2016

Colum for February 2016

Do you know where you came from? Many wonder and many seek. I have gotten involved in a group that needs a little boost from the community. It is Genealogy Friends of the Library. They have worked hard to develop local resources for folks who are wanting to explore where they came from. They also pay for the Ancestry web site that is free to any one to use at the library. Membership it is only $10 a year and you will be kept up to date on any events such as the Lock Down they do from time to time to have the library a whole evening as late as folks want to stay and work. It is helpful as we learn from each other. Meetings are the second Monday of each month from 6 to 7pm at the Neosho Library.
I was invited to set up my rug table at a special event Sat. Jan 22nd. It was at the Village of Stella. They used the FEMA building for a quilt show and a special display outside put on by the Mo. Dept. of Conservation and Mo. Master Naturalists to educate the eagle watches about the eagles. Many came to see the eagles and I was pleasantly surprised at the number who came in to see the beautiful quilts. I was happy to talk to many people about the weaving I do and was able to sell a few rugs.
I managed to finish this set of four books in one at last. It was hard to put it down once I started.
The Circle
Complete volumes of Black, Red, White, and Green
by Ted Dekker
I have enjoyed Dekker's books over the years and when I decided to read this set, I ordered this one book that contains all four books. It is about 2 inches thick and was difficult to hold but with the help of a lap desk I managed. It was great to just go right from one book into the next. This is Christian Fiction at its best; science fiction, fantasy, and suspense. This started out to be a trilogy but the fourth book came out to tie it all up nicely.
This first book sets you up for a wild ride. When we first meet Thomas Hunter, he is on the run from some hitmen. It seems that he borrowed some money from the mob and never gotaroundto pay them back. A bullet grazes Thomas' head and he is knocked unconscious.
When he "wakes up" he has no memory of who he is and he finds himself in the Black Forest being chased by huge black bats. When he passes out in this reality he wakes up back in the city and flees to his sisters home. Again when he goes to sleep there he awakes in the Black Forest. So Thomas is trapped between two realities. He finds he can't tell which one is real after a few trips. He is in grave danger in both. This is a story about the power of evil and the consequences of human choice. As in all Dekker books there is a theological plot beneath the story line, as bazar as it may seem.
In this sequel, Hunter finds himself again torn between two realities. In one he’s an ancient general leading a band of warriors against hopeless odds; in the other he’s battling a terrorist plot that has infected much of the modern world with a deadly virus. Hunter teams up with a scientist to seek a vaccine in time. The Christian symbolism woven into the story cannot be missed as good battles evel and the waiting for the Messiah to deliver them.
In this chapter of the saga we find the lead character still switching back and forth from two different worlds through the gateway in his dreams. On modern day earth a terrorist has unleashed a biological weapon that has infected most of the world's population, and has the anti-dote in exchange for the nuclear power of the world's nations. In the alternate world, Hunter, is still leading a small band of faithful from being slaughtered by the enemy. Without giving away too much, he finds himself with a most unusual and conflicting situation: he has fallen for the daughter of his enemy. The entire enemy is diseased, and has a very ugly skin condition, and this daughter is no different, so he must look past this and try and rescue her before they are wiped out. The faithful are washed in a holy lake to keep their skin and minds clear. They enemy refuse and worship their evil God. There are so many biblical tie ins with these books that make them so interesting.
Thomas Hunter has saved Earth from a deadly virus and fended off the Horde of the future. Thomas no longer dreams. Though unaware of the coming events on Earth, Thomas suspects there is a war fast approaching. His beloved son has turned against his teachings and causes an uprising. Thomas must find a way to bring his people together again and save not only his son but the future of the Forest. In this final chapter in the Circle series you will find yourself unable to put it down. Green is not only the sequel to the series but the prequel as well to the first book. Now figure that out.
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